Mobdro APK For iPhone & PC ( Windows) Download

In this article, we shared how to install Mobdro after downloading it for Android, iPhone and Windows devices. We have also provided the official links to download Mobdro APK.

As we have already known, Mobdro is one of the most popular and the best entertainment software that is installed by smartphone users, like Samsung, Xiome, iPhone, HTC etc. with no cost at all.

Now that everyone likes to stream various movies, sports, TV series or internet videos for entertainment that also gets more attention. This app is, indeed a free app, for streaming a lot of beautiful and exciting videos easily in just a short time span.

If you love to use Netflix premium service, you will also love Mobdro App since it is free and streamed without any subscription plan.

So, rather than going with the high priced app that offers premium subscription plan, it will be a lot better to Download Mobdro For android, that is also available for PC users, even though it is unofficial version.

Download Mobdro for Android, iPhone and Windows Devices

Among the greatest things about Mobdro app, one thing that can stand out is that It search the entire crawled internet to add more high-quality videos for entertaining the users. Therefore, this app has a more extensive database than any other streaming app. After you consider all of those benefits, you will surely want to get Mobdro App.

We have also written about the functions and main features that you can find in the later section of this page. With that, you can learn more about the exciting and fantastic app that entertains a tremendous amount of users.

You can install the proper version of the Mobdro by clicking on the download button provided in this article. This app is available for Android, iPhone and Windows devices.

We also made a quick guide to help people who want to install Mobdro in their device.

Download Mobdro for Android (Latest and Official Version)

You might need the official source to download mobdro for android. We are not the official website, but we shared an official Mobdro source so that you do not need to visit another page for the same query. We have provided ” Mobdro Download ” button below in the article.

Due to some reason, this app not available on Google Play Store. But, You can still stream on it by downloading Mobdro from official website where it is made available for every device.

Since it is not available in Google Play Store, You need to download the files, that is APK format, in your Android phone and PC. Once mobdro is downloaded, you can then install the app. To make it easy for you, We made a simple guide which you can follow step by step for downloading and installing Mobdro in your Android phone. Steps to install Mobdro are as follow :

Step 1. Go to setting on your phone and enable apps from unknown sources.

As this app is not available on Google play store and you have to download it from the official website. So, you will need to make some change in your security setting on your phone to install mobdro. If in case you do not know, below is the step to change the security setting.

Open your phone setting and find the security section by scrolling down. Click on Security and discover the unknown source. That is where you will need to enable ” App From unknown source “.

Special Note: By enabling this setting, You are letting every app from unknown source be installed in your phone without your permission. You can disable this setting whenever you want. So, You are advised to install apps from the official source.

Step 2. Mobdro Download from official page.

You can download this app from anywhere, but we advise you to download apps from a trusted source. So, You can get Mobdro Download button below that will redirect you to the official source.

Step 3. Install the App on your Phone.

We are sure that we do not need to tell what is next step to do but still sharing that you need to double click on Mobdro APK file that you just downloaded.

Step 4. Press Install to accept and confirm permissions.

Mobdro requires you to let it be installed in your phone. That is why enabling ” App from the unknown source ” is needed. Now you need to press on the install button and, the installation process will be done automatically.

That is how You need to install Mobdro after downloading the app from a trusted source.

Mobdro for iPhone Download (iPad and iOS)

We are very sorry to notify you that Mobdro for iOS is not yet available officially from the developers, but due to high demands from a lot of users who want to try this app on their iOS devices, Mobdro for iPhone will soon be launching in the market.

Meanwhile, You can entertain yourself by streaming on Mobdro alternative apps. We have made a list of the best Mobdro alternatives streaming apps that are also available officially for iPhone.

And the good thing is that most of the alternative has the same functionality and also similar features.

The users can use these apps to stream movies, sports, series, and internet videos easily right on their phones.

Showbox: This is one of the most popular streaming apps that is officially available for iPhone. Showbox offers almost similar features like Mobdro that you will also love.

Netflix: This is a premium streaming app that you can get on iTunes. It is perfect if you don’t mind about paying the premium cost to get streaming services on your smartphone.

Playbox HD: Just another marvelous streaming app that can be used as an alternative of Mobdro App.

Hotstar: This is a streaming app that offers exclusive entertainment content from STAR TV Network. With this, users can get various programs, such as TV shows and live streaming of videos from all of the STAR TV networks for entirely free.

Download Mobdro for PC (Windows 7/8/8.1)

Now you know how to download and install Mobdro APK for streaming your favorite shows in Android phone & iPhone.

But, Mobdro is not only available for the smartphone. You can also use this app in your windows devices.

Developers of Mobdro app did not make the official version for PC. That is a reason, most of you might not be aware that you can also stream on Mobdro in your PC Windows 8/8.1/10.

If You do not know the steps to install Mobdro in your PC, then you can follow our guide that we shared.

To install Mobdro For PC, You need to install Android Emulator on your PC that makes it easier for you to install android app on your PC without any issue. That is the only way to install Mobdro in your pc. You can follow the steps shared below :

Steps that you need to follow to Install Mobdro in PC :

First of all, You need to download the Bluestack App Player right from their official site.

Then, proceed the installation process for the program. (Remember, this emulator is free on multiple platforms so that you can use it both on Windows and Mac)

Install Bluestack and open the app from the shortcut icon.

Connect your Google Account; any Gmail account will work just fine as long as it’s yours.

Proceed by downloading the Mobdro APK file from the official website.

Double click the downloaded APK file and Bluestack will usually open the app right away without having to do any installation.

That is steps to get Mobdro for PC

We indeed used Bluestack as the example of Android Emulator, but any other app with the same functionality will work great, too.

Mobdro For Chromecast & Kodi

People often ask whether they can use Mobdro for Chromecast and Kodi. These are the device that allows you to watch videos from a smartphone on your TV. If you have Chromecast device connected to your TV, then you can enable to casting feature that will stream the videos from your phone right to your TV sets.

Mobdro for Kodi is not very much different either. The casting feature will also be available for Kodi that let you stream directly from smartphone to your Television. After Mobdro installation, You can entertain yourself with a lot of shows that are being streamed on Mobdro.

The official Mobdro versions for both devices are not yet available, but you should always stay tuned for Mobdro Chromecast and Kodi that will soon be released and notified via email.

Characteristic of Mobdro App:

It is indeed important to know the entire features of the app that will help you learn about the application even more.

It’s free: Mobdro will be able to fetch the latest videos that are available on the internet with the best quality. It will make your streaming experience better with the beautiful content. You will not even need to pay anything to access the entire library of fun videos and films.

Massive database of collection: Most people won’t believe this, but when you open this app, you will be given access to new videos and films that will satisfy your hunger for new entertainment content.

Fast: Compared to other streaming apps, such as Netflix, Playbox HD,Hotstar, etc., this app will give you quicker access to content as it has a unique compression technology to allow you to enjoy video contents with a much fewer internet data. It will also show you good content, so you will not need to worry about quality after the compression.

Live Streaming: You can stream Live TV from all over the world. A lot of contents like movies and videos can be seen from various real TV channels.

Always Update: If you are a sports fan, this app will enable you to get the latest updates in the sporting world with relevant news and great videos.

Video Downloading: You can also enjoy the videos available on this page without using the internet by downloading them to your phone first. Therefore, when you want to re-watch the videos, you will not need to download it again.

Worldwide: The App has video contents from internet sources all over the world, so you will not need to worry about getting old and outdated contents like other apps.

Freemium version: If you don’t want to pay money to enjoy great videos and movies on your phone. Just stick to this version as you will still be able to get the most feature without costing you any penny.

Premium version: If you are one of those who want more access, we guess you would like to use the premium version, which will give you some added benefits to the app.

Support Chromecast: Great news for all Chromecast users, you can now enjoy the great contents from Mobdro on your big screen TV to enjoy your own home theater experience.

We already answer most frequently asked question. If you still have any query about mobdro feature then let us know by sending us mail.

Features of Mobdro Premium Version:

After using Mobdro for free, many people want to try out the premium version of Mobdro App. So they continually look for it. Let’s have a look at features of the premium version of the app.

The premium version will remove all of the advertisement on the app, so you will not see any ads while looking at videos to ensure better experience while using the app.

Premium version allows users not only to download videos and watch it offline but also let you capture a live streaming video.

The users will only need to pay one time for the premium version after that user can stream it on many smartphone devices.

All advertisements are diminished on the premium version, which will give the users better speed since the bandwidth consuming ads are not there anymore.

Contains a lot more features than fermium version to offer better and more flawless experience.

FAQ for Mobdro Download:

In this section, we will remove all of the doubts and issues you might have by answering some questions that are being asked about this app.

What is Mobdro?

Mobdro is an app that scans the video contents from the Internet to stream on smartphones.

How to get this app for my phone?

Mobdro app can only be downloaded from its official site. We just provided you the necessary guides that you can follow to get this app for your phone.

Is Mobdro App free?

Mobdro is available in two versions, Freemium version, and Premium version. Freemium is entirely free while the Premium one has the better characteristic. A premium will allow you to capture videos to watch offline. It will also let you cast the videos on the app to your TV with the help of Chromecast device.

My connection with the app is very slow. Any solution?

Please make sure that you have verified your connection and then try to stream the videos once again. If the problem persists and your internet is just fine, then maybe the video is having a problem with their server.

Unfortunately, the developers will not be able to do anything since they are not storing any videos at all. All of the videos you see on the app is stored on their respective owner’s servers.

Can I find the videos I saw yesterday again?

Mobdro only works to fetch the indexed videos on the internet, which means they don’t have any videos on their own. So, when you see that the videos that you just recently saw are not available anymore, it might mean that the owner has deleted it. Sadly, if you haven’t downloaded the videos yet, there might not be any other way to see it again.

Why does Mobdro need some special permission to install?

To provide you with the best service there is, the app will need to use some permission on your phone, just like any other apps. That is a very safe process and will not harm your phone in any way. Also, the developers will respect your data and will not do anything wrong to it, not even to sell it to the third parties.

Can I share contents with other friends?

A share button is available for every video that you are watching, that you can send to your friends via Facebook or WhatsApp messages.

Conclusion for Mobdro Android App:

This app provides you with tons of free entertainment contents that includes live streaming, newest TV shows, and the best movies.

We have been using the app from the past few months, and we can say that this helps us a lot to kill time and the quality is so good compared to other similar application.

We hope that you will enjoy streaming on Mobdro on your phone.